Have I told you about my sweapants?

Before I get to that, let me take a second to tell you how much I love Mondays. BEFORE you absolutely crucify me for that last statement, let me explain. I love my Mondays. Like today, I have already been to the gym, had a shower, and started a load of laundry. Now, I’m laying in my super warm bed, with a cup of delicious coffee, listening to my Ben Rector station on Pandora, and telling you lovely stalkers about my morning. It’s only 8am. Seriously, it’s a beautiful day (minus the cold).

Now let me tell you about how much I hate winter. I’m going to blame the fact that we even have cold weather on Adam and Eve. Seriously, if that hoe hadn’t eaten the stupid fruit we would still be in paradise. Think about it. I bet God said to her “Not only is childbirth really gonna suck, but it’s gonna be colder than Siberia 6 months of the year. Sucks to suck, that’ll teach you not to listen to the ONLY thing I tell you NOT to do” I’m sure that’s what God said, they just didn’t want to make God sound like a jerk. Cause we all know He’s not. But seriously, the high in little Buies Creek today is 54. I…I don’t….ugh, can I just sleep all day? Thanks, that’s super. OH and if anyone is wondering, the WATER temperature is WARMER than it is here! Water temp. at Wrightsville is 78… why? Whyyyyyy?

Anyways, on to my sweat pants. So last weekend I went to the Nike Outlet and got some sweat pants. Initially they were to be worn to and from the gym when it was bloody cold outside (like this morning). So I washed them, and put them back on to make sure they didn’t shrink (kids xl, so it’s a possibility). When I put them back on, I’m pretty sure I caught a glimpse of heaven. These things are the absolute most comfortable things I have ever put on my legs in my life! I’m wearing them right now in fact. Literally, I come in from outside, take my jeans off, put my sweat pants on. These are amazing inventions. For the past week anytime anyone has come over I’ve literally said “Hey, have you seen my new sweat pants? These are the first pair I’ve ever owned.” Usually followed by a shoving of hands in the pockets, and an ever so slight kick out of the right leg with a little twist to see both sides. While I still don’t condone their wearing in public, I can see why someone would. So. This morning I put my sweat pants on and was waiting on my roommate to get out so we could go to thy gym and it dawned on me…

Do I love my sweatpants more than Jesus? Seriously, I know that is a super stupid question but I literally have been thinking about it since 6am. Do I love my sweatpants more than Jesus? Or maybe the appropriate question is do I love Jesus as much as my sweatpants. Almost overnight I have become obsessed with a pair of fuzzy pants…. PANTS. Now granted, they have a way of making me feel warm and snuggly so when I do absolutely anything I feel warm, which is great… really. But they’re just pants. How come I don’t walk up to everyone I know going “Have you heard about Jesus? He’s really great, let me tell you this awesome story I know where I saw Him working in a life.” Instead of telling people how my new sweatpants make me feel like a 5yr old on Christmas Eve just before I go to bed and the tree is lit and I’m about to bust with excitement, why don’t I tell them about how I’ve looked back over my life and seen how God has taken this absolute wreck of a life and made it less wreck-ish? Why can’t I tell people that even though I have so far to go, I can already see how God has changed me, slowly, but He is healing me from the inside out.

Seriously, I know it might sound cray cray, but it’s totally true. I’m not really sure how to go about fixing it either. Maybe awareness is half the battle? Not sure. Either way, I promise I don’t love my sweatpants more than Jesus. Sweatpants never saved me from sin, or showed me how to love, or died on a cross for me. Jesus did that, not my sweatpants.



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