I really want you to watch this video before you read this (look at me saying this like I have a ton of readers, hah!). It’ll all make so much more sense. If you saw the movie “Signs” with Mel Gibson, then you know this scene. I saw the movie as a child (7years old) and it scared the every loving daylights out of me, so I don’t remember this scene in the least bit.

We talked about this at BSU last night though and I had never really thought about it, which is weird, but it was beautiful and I almost cried (don’t judge me).

If you watch the clip the little boy is obviously having an asthma attack. Yes, don’t worry the little boy lives. But did you listen to what Mel Gibson was saying?

“Don’t be afraid, Morgan. We will slow this down together. Feel my chest…breathe like me. Stay with me, I know it hurts… It’ll pass.”

The Greek word the early Christians used to describe the Holy Spirit was “numa”. Breath. Literally the breath of God. So take a minute to take a breath, and let it out…. That’s how the early Christians viewed the Holy Spirit. How beautiful is that? Now, if you want to, watch the clip again with that in mind. With the symbolism of us as Morgan and God as Mel Gibson.

We have to breathe with him, and like him to survive in this world. He says it perfectly. Notice the word, together. Not Morgan by himself, and not Mel Gibson by himself. With Morgan feeling the rise and fall of his fathers chest, Mel Gibson keeping his hand on Morgans chest, and a strong and steady pattern for Morgan to feel. That’s how we get through life, but feeling God hand on our lives, and the rise and fall of His chest to know what to do. Also notice, that Mel Gibson points out that yes, it’s hard, and it hurts. His son is having an asthma attack – something that could very easily kill him. There is nothing fun about realizing that the medicine you need to keep you alive is upstairs with the aliens (in this movie – literally – upstairs with the aliens). This life is not easy, sometimes it feels like the thing that is going to keep you going is so far out of reach and is with something you can’t possibly face. It’s hard. Life hurts. But “this too shall pass.”

There you have it – my thoughts on this clip and the Holy Spirit. Actually, I have more thoughts than that, but they don’t fit or they don’t really make sense. Plus I have class soon – so I need to dry my hair and find appropriate clothes since its like -2 degrees outside.



Breathe Like Me

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