After the Love is Gone

So I have a question to propose. Do you know your love language? If you do, then wonderful! You’re a step ahead, and will probably understand this. If not, I encourage you to go to this website and learn yours. It takes just a few minutes and will probably help explain a lot of things about your personality. I’ve always been a firm believer in knowing how you experience love, and how those who are important to you experience love. Everyone is different, which is good. What I have recently learned, is that getting your love language every day is vitally important.

Recently all of my friends have been super super busy, leaving me to have a lot of time to myself. As an introvert, I’m okay with some time to myself, but sometimes even for me it’s a bit much. February is always a rough month in and of itself so my friends (probably thinking they were being helpful) left me alone. So I spent almost everyday for a month by myself. If I wasn’t by myself I was with a person or persons who weren’t paying attention to me. This is not to say I have to be the center of attention, but to an extent I would like to know that you want me around. I wasn’t getting that feeling. I was getting the feeling that I was around because they felt obligated to have me around.

So what is the point of this? Well I think it’s important to know your love language, and those who you care about. I also just think it’s interesting how much those things effect us. If you look at the numbers, out of 30 total, with 5 categories, I got 11 for quality time, 10 for physical touch, and 6 for words of affirmation. 27/30 for things that I haven’t been getting recently. That’s intense in my opinion. While that wasn’t the only problem I have been dealing with, and I am able to acknowledge the total problem, and start dealing with it, I can’t wonder but how many people aren’t capable. I would be interested to see a study on what happens when people don’t get their love language.

So, moral of the story. Love on people, it’s mad important.



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