So I couldn’t get the video link above to work like it was supposed to. So copy and paste it into a new window, watch it (it’s only like 3mins) and then come read the rest. It’ll all make sense then.

I found this video tonight surfing through Facebook. One of my friends posted it, and based on the title of the video alone, “How NOT to Worship God” I simply had to watch it.

If you listen to the music and words, they’re all very standards hymns and praise/worship songs within the Christian church. What I find more disturbing is how depressingly real the new set of lyrics to each song is. How often to we overt our attention to anything and everything at church? How quick are we to get side tracked when we’re worshiping God? Yes, I know there are dozens of other ways to worship besides singing at church, but since that’s where the video hit, that’s where I’m going to focus. We’re so often times concerned with who’s there, what they’re wearing, who they’re with, what they’re doing, that we forget our main purpose – to worship the Creator.

Worship is not for our benefit, if you “didn’t get anything out of worship” well, that’s fine, it’s not about you to begin with so it doesn’t matter. Worships purpose is to magnify God and glorify Him. We glorify Him by worshiping Him. That worship has to be driven by pure love in order to be genuine. I think a lot of times we go into it with such great intentions, but the Devil is smart. He knows exactly what he’s doing when he sidetracks us. He knows our weaknesses, and strikes at the most opportune moment. He knows when worship gets truly, and deeply genuine, he’s gotta pounce. He has to, it’s his nature. But we as Christians need to recognize this, and avoid it. I’m not saying we’re going to be able to completely resist it because let’s face it… The devil is a clever little man, he was an angel who dwelt with God. He knows what exactly the whole worship thing is about and does. He wants to stop it. If Satan stops genuine worship, he comes between us and God – perfecto for him! When that happens we can lose sight of Christ, and as we all know that’s never good – ever.

So, with all of this said. When you’re worshiping God, what are you truly doing? Are you genuine, or are you going through the motions. I know a lot of times I’m just going through the motions. I want to change that, I pray that together (because there are soo many of you reading this) we can recognize this issue, address and learn what true, loving, devoted worship of Christ looks like, and learn to worship like we were meant to. Completely and totally, 100% focused on the One who gave it all – so that we could have life everlasting.



What Are We Doing Here?

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