The Cooperative Baptist and My Place in It

The past 24 some odd hours I have been at FBC – Lumberton, NC for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship State Convention, thing. Whatever they want to call it. This is the first time I’ve ever been to something like that. It was a great experience. I learned a lot, I was informed of several things, and several things were reaffirmed in my life – which we all need. So it was great. I went to 3 break out sessions, 1 of which I didn’t actually mean to go into but was really great, 1 that wasn’t what I was expecting, and 1 that was fairly discouraging.

The first one was about what not to say when someone is grieving. Dr. Wallace from the Campbell Divinity School lead it and I learned a lot. I didn’t mean to go in, but I got lost and it was almost time to start so I wandered in. That session opened my eyes to the idea of counseling/chaplaincy which was interesting and something I think I want to at least explore.

The second one was hosted by the Associated Baptist Press online newspaper. You should check it out, it’s really good. It was kind of a hodge podge of topics from what they cover, how they cover, the social media thing, and the finer points of the “paper” business. I put paper in quotes because it’s an all online paper. Which is great. But as I’ve looked at it, I’ve noticed that there’s a gap and a void in the coverage. Not necessarily by choice, but maybe for lack of coverage. There is nothing about that 20 something age hardly. There’s nothing really social justice or ethics related. I realize those are difficult and vague terms in which to write and report but I think they’re really important. With that said, I want to look more into how I can blog for them, sort of freelance and look into this area of ministry as well. I think this is a great ministry tool and want to look into it more.

The thirds session I went to was with Wanda Kidd who does CBF Collegiate things. It was basically about how to minister with and alongside the millennial (20-early 30 something) generation. Which was good to hear, but discouraging because 1) there weren’t many people in there 2) they had no idea what to do with that age group. Which proves, we are a vastly over looked age group in the “traditional church”. What I mean by that is basically you’re normal, local churches, not your mega-churches. This reaffirmed my feeling of irrelevancy within the church and made me wonder how I can help fix that. Yet again, opening my eyes to a new area of ministry that I want to look into.

So what did I learn yesterday and this morning?
1) There’s a lot of areas of ministry. Way, way, way more than I realized.
2) I really, really, really have no idea what I’m supposed to do with my life. Like 0 idea
3) I do love the CBF. It’s something I want to be apart of and use my gifts and abilities and passions to work with. I hope the CBF will always be supportive of passion and the 20something age group. For the most part, I think they are. I hope the local churches will pick up that support.

With that said. I love being a Baptist. My allegiance is to Christ, but I love the way I am able to share that passion through the CBF.



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