This One’s for the Girls

If you’re anything like me, you just started singing the song by Martina McBride. You don’t have to admit it, it’ll be a secret. But, for real. This one is for my girls who I know are struggling. Recently it seems that a lot of my girlfriends are struggling with boy issues. That’s typical, and normal I think. We’re in college, so that’s a natural part of our struggles/drama/issues. No judgement. What is bothering me though is the negative effect I’m seeing it have. It’s not just my friends, but me as well. Everything I’m about to say is sooo much easier said than done, and believe me I’m typing this as much for me as I am them. So this is selfish, but it’s also honest, and it’s what I want my friends to see. So… Ladies.

First, I love you. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are hilarious. You are talented. You are radiant. You brighten my day, every time I see you. You make me proud to call you a friend. But more than all of that. You are a child of God. He is a king, so yes. My dear, beautiful friends. You are a princess. We have it beaten into our heads that princesses don’t exist in real life anymore. But sweetie, you are far, far more than anything Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, or Belle could ever hope to be. Your Father, is the ETERNAL King. The EVERLASTING King. His reign, will NEVER end. Which means, you are FOREVER a princess. A child of the Highest of High Kings. That same King. That Father, treasures you. You are His beloved. He fights for you. He yearns for a relationship with you more than anything any boy on this earth can give you. You are sacred and you are His.

How easily we forget all of that when a boy is in the picture. We have let boys define us feel like we don’t matter, or we’re not worth it, or that we’re not good enough. Boys have made us feel unpretty, unworthy, gross, like trash. Whatever term you want to use. But I want you to take a step back for a second, and put aside what YOU are telling yourself, and what you have let a boy tell you and think objectively for a second… I am blessed, and grateful, and happy that all of the girls I’m thinking of right now know Christ as their Savior. So let’s think. The Creator of the world, the King, your Father, made you. Go get your Bible (cause I know you all have one, if nothing else it’s on your phone) and look in Genesis 1 for me. Yes, we’re starting from the beginning. Genesis 1:26&27 says:

26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” 27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Sweetheart, you are made in HIS image. You are made in the image of the one who hold the sun in one place, spins every other planet around it, moves the waves, and created gravity. Think about that for a second. Now tell me you don’t think you’re pretty or worth it. This all boils down to the love of our God. Why would He take the time to make you, as unique and wonderful as you are, if He didn’t love you? Spoiler alert, He wouldn’t. Our God is not a God who wastes time. He is constantly moving and working throughout the Bible. We even see it in our lives today, as we are constantly moving and changing according to His will. Flip over to Philippians 2 for me. Look at verse 13:

…for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.

See that?! Please tell me you see that. He is working in you, because you are a part of His plan. His grand plan, that He set into motion over 3,000 years ago, He needs your unique gifts, abilities, and talents to accomplish that. You know what that means right? You have immense value. You are needed. You are necessary. Show me the boy who has treated you contrary to your worth, and I will show you just that. A boy. A child.

So my dear, sweet friend. Please, write this on your mirror. In your car, above your bed, on your desk. I don’t care, put it where you will see it. God doesn’t take time to make things He won’t use. He wouldn’t take the time to make you, break your mold so there would only be you, and put you on this planet if He didn’t have a plan and purpose for you. I know it’s scary to be in college and think “shoot, I’m 20, 21, (in my case 22 1/2) and I might end up alone with a dozen dogs or cats” I know that thought is dismal, depressing, and incredibly scary (trust me, I know) but believe me when I tell you this. You are destined for SO much more than you could ever imagine. You serve such a specific plan, and purpose for God, that I don’t want you to be so wrapped up in a boy and miss it. I don’t want a boy to side track you from that plan, that you are so amazingly destined for. The one you’re meant to be with won’t distract you, and make you feel like dirt. He will encourage you and walk beside you on your path to greatness in God’s plan. He will work alongside you to help you stick to the life God has desired you for.

So ladies. Again, I know (I know) all of this is so so so so SO much easier to say than it is to believe. And even if you believe it in your head, it’s hard to believe in your heart. But 1) God doesn’t make things He doesn’t use and love and cherish. 2) Y’all know me, and I don’t say things I don’t mean. So when I say these things. I mean them.

I love you all. I am praying for you, and I am in your corner. Y’all are my dear friends. I am blessed to be at Campbell to have met each and everyone of you. I have no idea where I would be without you, but I know it wouldn’t be where I am today.

Also, while I said this is for my friends, they were the ones I was thinking of when I was typing this. However, it applies to every single girl who has ever had a boy make her feel like less of a princess. This is for all the ladies who need to be reminded that they are cherished by the King and by their Father. The creator of the universe. So, share this with friends if you want to.


Ps. I’m coming for the boys tomorrow =)


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