People, Time, and Presence.

Sometimes I look at my life and think “I am SO glad You know what You’re doing God” I think it is so… like Him to take away/put in the people we need. I look at my life last semester. He took away people that at the time, I felt I needed. When my life went to pieces, He put those people in my path that I needed in order to not go insane. He took away the people I thought I needed to get through it, but in reality they wouldn’t have been helpful. He took away people that were going to make it worse, instead of help make it better. I look over things that have happened, good and bad and think “now I see why this person was here” or “this is why this person wasn’t here” I can name the people who were there for me when my grandma died just over a year ago. I can tell you the people who constantly checked on me to see how I was, or was with my family during that time. I can tell you the people who came up to the hospital, or the friends that would come get (actually decent) coffee with me in the cafe of the hospital. They knew that it wasn’t about what they could send, or what they could bring, but it was about being there. Their time and their presence. That’s what’s important.

On Friday’s at the gym, I work with 2 girls. One is a junior and she is an absolute sweetheart. She is so soft spoken, and so sweet. The other girl is a freshman from Wilmington. She is so funny, and always cheerful. I look forward to Friday’s and working with them. The first girl I work with, every Friday over Lent she would ask me “How’s your 1 cup of caffeine a day going?” Every week. She has a million other things to think about, yet she remembers on Friday to ask me how I’m doing. It may sound silly, but it helped hold me accountable. I had told her when it started it was a lifestyle I wanted to maintain, if not 1 cup a day, then definitely not the amount I had been drinking. So today, when I was working with her, she asked “how’s the caffeine thing going?” and I was honest in my response. It’s not going as well as I would like, ideally, but it’s going well and I’m not drinking near as much, so I was happy. She smiled and said “Good, I’m glad it’s something you’re still doing. You did so great over Lent, but I know you can keep it up” Can you say encouraging?! So, thank you God, for placing her in my life to encourage me.

So I guess this is my way of saying “thank you” to God for once again, working and moving even when I don’t see him. He knows what I need, and the people I need around to be who I am supposed to be. Even when I don’t understand why someone comes into the picture, or leaves the picture. They’re there for a reason. I should probably start realizing that in the moment instead of after the fact.



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