Grace, Only Grace. Can Move Us to a Rhythm that will Change Our Ways

There’s a show I watch called Skins. It’s a British tv show, that to be completely honest is the trashiest thing I’ve ever watched. But I love the character dynamics and how messed up they are. I know that sounds rather twisted, but if I could just sit down and have a conversation with these characters, I feel like I would understand why they do the things they do. Either way. Without giving too much away, in the current season there is a girl named Grace who dies tragically in a car accident while the “mates” are all on “holiday” in Morocco (using the British terminology for “friends” and “vacation” of course). What I find beautiful in the midst of these college kids trying to cope with the death of their friend, they remember her at such opportune moments. Whenever they need her, they feel her presence. Grace, is always there. Grace, never leaves them. In life and death, Grace loved them unconditionally, without judgement, and with haste. No matter what crazy stunt her friends pulled, Grace was there for them. No matter how tripped out, twisted, or trashed her friends got, she was there for them. Without judgement, to love them with all of her heart.

Sound familiar to anyone? Sound like someone you know? The love and grace of Christ is always with us.Whenever we need Him, whether we know it or not, He is always there. To love us unconditionally, to love us with haste, to give us the grace we don’t deserve. Grace’s friends didn’t deserve her friendship. Comparatively, she was a saint and they were miscreants. But she saw the good in them, she brought out the good in them. Much like we don’t deserve the grace of Christ, but He gives it freely anyways, because He sees the good in us. He created the good in us. He brings out the good in us.

The title of this is from a Tenth Avenue North song that is beautiful, and talks about the grace of Christ. Have a listen. And remember, to always look for Christ, even when you think he’s not there. That’s when you’ll find Him the most.



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