Tomorrow Starts the Rest of Your Life… A Few Weeks Late

So let’s start from the very beginning:

Graduation came and went on the weekend of May 11th. The Friday night before my graduation, I went to the Divinity School graduation to see some friend graduate. Tyler graduated which was probably the saddest thing of all. He has been a dear friend during my time at Campbell and it seems weird to think of this place without him next year. I’m excited for where life is taking him, but I am sad to see him go. Thankfully, his girlfriend is still in school, so he’ll still be around a bit. My summer roommate, Catherine, also graduated that Friday night which was incredibly exciting. She is still working on campus, but is looking for a legitimate job somewhere in Raleigh starting in the fall. Living with Catherine has been vastly different than living with Kendele and Brooke, but not bad.

I moved into my new townhouse, and started working at the Pharmacy School the week after graduation and it was a complete and total whirlwind. Thankfully I was able to crash with my friend Jessica for a few days before I moved into the townhouse so I wasn’t entirely homeless.

I’ll start working at Benson Baptist soon, provided their deacons approve to take it to the congregation for a vote. It’s been a slow process, but I am so excited for the prospect of working with the youth at the church. I’ve met them once, but they are absolutely wonderful kids and have massive personalities so it’ll be a lot of fun.

I can’t believe I’ve been graduated from college for a month, to the day (in an hour or so). It is completely mind boggling to me. I am so thankful for how the entire last month has panned out. I’ve also been painfully conscious of how I haven’t done anything remotely related to my relationship with Christ. I am the epitome of “if everything’s good, why talk to him” and I hate that about me. I want to fix it, I’m going to fix it. Starting tonight as soon as I click “publish” it’s on to my Beth Moore book.

So yeah, a brief wrap up of life as a college graduate so far. It’s been amazing, everyday I’m reminded of how much God loves me and how much he has given me. Even if I wanted to complain, I really couldn’t because it would be absolutely insane of me. I love my life, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.




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