It’s the Start of Something New

High School Musical anyone? Right. Anyways, it is the start of something new. At least in my life.

Summer is almost half over which is super hard for me to believe in and of itself. I mean, it’s the middle of July. For real, not even kidding. It’s crazy. anyways, the new thing in my life: I’m officially a youth pastor. As of officially last night, I am in charge or middle and high schoolers. How weird is that?! I forget that I’m the official adult in charge. Last night it was just me and one other adult, and I was officially in charge. Super odd.

I am really excited about everything changing, and moving on towards adulthood, but I am also super scared about it. I think it would be dumb not to be. But at the same time I am really excited about it all. I have at ton of ideas I want to make sure we accomplish, but I also want to make sure I don’t over do any part of it. Burn out is good for no one.

I’m excited for what the rest of the summer holds. I’m excited for what the ¬†school year holds. All 45hours of work and 9hours of graduate school. It’ll be a lot, but it’ll be tons of fun.