So Many Questions

This is the song Joseph’s Lullaby by MercyMe. I never really thought about this until I heard the song last night, but I honestly have to wonder, what were Mary and Joseph thinking through all of this? We have no real indication of their thoughts or words to one another in regards to this situation. From my understanding, Mary was around 14 and Joseph was in his 30s. They were set to be married so that part isn’t uncommon, but then his wife is suddenly pregnant with the Messiah. You have to wonder what her parents thought and what Joseph thought. They were Jews, so they knew the Davidic Covenant, but did they really buy into it? What about Mary’s parents? If my 14 year old daughter said that to me, there is no way I would believe her no matter how honest and sweet of a child she had been up to that point in her life.

It is so hard for me to wrap my head around that night in Bethlehem. In this quite, crossroads town, probably no bigger than my beloved Buies Creek, the Saviour of the world was born the same way as you and I were. Let that sink in for a second. The newborn who would grow into the Healer, Teacher, Master, Friend, Saviour, Redeemer, and Protector was born just like me. From a mother in pain and into the world. Did he know who he was? Or did God shield him from his greatness? Was he born with the knowledge of who he was and what he would do? Or was he allowed the innocence that you and I are granted at infancy? You have to wonder what Mary and Joseph were thinking during these moments? If they believed their son was who God said he was, did they pray differently for him than our parents pray for us? Did they feel the need to pray for him at all? I mean, he is Jesus. Do we need to pray for Jesus? I would probably be incredibly selfish with my prayers and pray for my ability to raise the Messiah. Did they actually realize the weight of their calling? To be the earthly parents of the son of God. Or did they even think of all of that in the first moments of his life. Did they even entertain his immortality? Or did they simply put all of that aside for just a few moments to enjoy and love their son. Their precious gift from God. I’m not sure I could put all my questions aside, but I would hope that Mary and Joseph were able to stop amid their questions, and fears and enjoy their child.

Which I guess is a lesson we can learn even today. During this busy season of shopping, parties, events, family time, recovering from exams, maybe even our many questions; I hope you take time during this holiday season to just sit and enjoy the presence of Christ. It may seem in our world that he is hard to see or hard to hear but if you put everything else away for just a moment, it’s really not that hard. Take time this season to sit and remember who Christ is, who he was, and who he promises to be. Whether in the form of an infant, toddler, teenager, or adult; Christ is who he said he is yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I encourage you, more than ever, to sit in his presence and remember the miracle that was the human birth of Jesus Christ.




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